The Communications Assistant reads aloud your typed words in Spanish to the standard phone user and types the standard phone user’s spoken words in Spanish to you.

How Does Spanish Relay Work?

To make the call by TTY, you must dial the TTY number, 711 or 866-305-1343. Relay North Dakota will answer. Dial the area code and the phone number you want to call followed by “GA” (Go Ahead). The Communications Assistant dials the number and connects it with the other person who speaks Spanish

  • 1

    You type your conversation in Spanish to the Communications Assistant. Type “GA” at end of each message.

  • 2

    Then, the Communications Assistant repeats the message typed aloud in Spanish to the other party.

  • 3

    The other party will respond in Spanish after you enter “GA”.

  • 4

    The Communications Assistant types the other person’s spoken conversation to transmit it to you.

Relay North Dakota Customer Profile

The Relay North Dakota Customer Profile form allows consumers to list their preferences for calls, such as:

  • Frequently dialed numbers
  • Emergency numbers
  • Preferred gender of operator
  • Announcing relay service

As a consumer, you have flexibility in updating your preferences at any time. Click here to learn how to set up your Customer Profile.