CapTel 840

A landline telephone connection(s) is required for this model. 

CapTel 840 Phone Features

  • FREE live captioning service
  • Caller ID capable
  • Screen with easy-to-read captions with adjustable font sizes and colors
  • Built-in answering machine takes voice messages with captions
  • Stores up to 95 names/phone numbers in built-in phone book
  • Adjustable volume control up to 40dB
  • One-touch blue button to call Customer Service
  • Available in English and Spanish


Get a CapTel 840 phone

Requirements for CapTel 840

Connection #1:

Any one of telephone connections:

  • Analog telephone line
  • DSL with digital filter
  • PBX system with analog port

For outgoing calls, simply dial the other party directly.

For incoming calls, the other party first dials a toll-free captioning service then enters your phone number in order for their calls to be captioned for you. 

Connection #2 (optional):

 –  Second analog telephone line

This optional second phone line will enable the other party to dial your number directly with the captioning service automatically connected.  For outgoing calls, simply dial the other party directly.

VIDEO: Overview of CapTel 840

A CapTel 840 user John demonstrates how to use the various features of this model.