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VCO Direct - 877.366.8600

Q. What is VCO Direct?

  • VCO Direct handles all dedicated Voice Carryover (VCO) calls.
  • VCO Direct answers all Voice Carryover (VCO) calls at the relay service.
    • VCO-to-Voice
    • VCO-to-TTY
    • VCO-to-VCO
    • VCO-to-HCO
  • VCO Direct connects to Communication Assistants (CAs) with extensive training in VCO relay call procedures.

Q. Who will benefit from using this service?

  • If you are a VCO user currently using relay services, this feature is for you!
  • If you are deaf or late deafened adult and like to use your own voice while talking on the phone, this feature is for you!
  • If you are hard of hearing, or a person losing the ability to hear on the phone, this feature is for you!
  • If you like talking on the phone, but are not able to hear clearly what your family or friends or business associates, are saying, this feature is for you!
  • If you have a hearing loss, and want to use your own voice to speak directly to the person you are calling on the phone, this is the feature is for you!

Q. What are the benefits of VCO Direct Service?

  • VCO customer's dialing the State/National Toll-Free VCO number are automatically recognized by the relay service as a VCO user.
  • A smoother VCO call experience.
  • Quick access to a VCO Communication Assistant.
  • No typing is required.
  • The VCO customer is able to use their natural speech when talking directly to the party they are calling.
  • When the hearing person speaks, the CA will serve as the "ears" for the VCO user and type the hearing person's response to a TTY or text display.
  • All VCO calls are handles by CAs who receive extensive training in VCO relay call procedures.

Q. Will VCO Direct process Two-Line VCO calls?

  • YES, if you use a TTY, TurboCode TTY, Hi-speed TTY or a VCO Phone to connect to your relay services.
  • NO, if you use a personal computer or ASCII to connect to your relay service. ASCII equipment cannot connect to the VCO Direct Service.

Q. How does VCO Direct Service work in a nutshell?

  • Just dial your state toll-free VCO number.
  • (Your State) will answer with <RELAY STATE> 1234 F (or M) VOICE (OR TYPE) NOW GA
  • You voice the telephone number you wish to call.
    • Notes:
      The CA is ready to hear your number when you see the "GA" on your TTY screen.
    • If you choose to type the number to call, you will need to give the CA time to switch to the TTY mode before he/she is ready to read your text message. Tap your space bar, that will signal the CA to switch, then type something like, "Hello. Please call XXX-XXXXXXX VCO GA"
  • The CA will dial the number of the party you wish to call. You can see the dialing progress on the text screen.
  • The CA will type to you what the hearing person says when the call was answered.
  • After you see the "GA" you begin speaking directly to the hearing person.
  • The CA will not repeat what you say, but only type to you what the hearing person says. Remember to say, "Go Ahead" at the end of your response so the other person will know when to respond.

Q. If I dial 711 or the State's Toll-Free TTY number, will my call be transferred to VCO Direct?

  • NO. The CA who answered your call will process your VCO call.

Q. When I ask the hearing party to call me back, should I give the VCO Direct number?

  • NO. The VCO Direct number is NOT set up for Voice. It is STRICTLY for VCO callers with TTY text display. You give the Voice number or 711 to the hearing party and when he or she calls you, the relay service can set up the VCO call for you.

Q. Who do I talk to about VCO Direct?

  • If you have questions or concerns related to the VCO Direct, please contact Sprint Customer Service at (800)-676-3777 or your State Sprint Account Manager.


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