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Internet Relay Service


Frequently asked Questions

Q. When will the Internet Relay feature be ready?
A. It's ready now; Sprint has begun the Internet Relay feature, called Sprint IP Relay. Leave your TTY behind; Sprint will take you to where your mind can travel. The future of Internet Relay is here. Go ahead and experience Sprint Relay Online.

Q. What is the URL (web) address?
A. www.sprintip.com.

Q. Why should we use Internet Relay?
A. There are several reasons:

  • Increased access! We can access it from work, home, libraries, online cafes and anywhere with computers and Internet access. It is great for travelers, students, working professionals and many more!
  • Make unrestricted calls; there are no long distance charges for making calls through the Sprint IP Relay. Free calls!
  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Experience the Sprint IP Relay to call anyone anytime, using your web-enabled equipment, such as Personal Computers, PCS handsets and PDA devices.

Q. Are there any charges for using Internet Relay?
A. No, there are no charges for making calls through the Sprint IP Relay. No charges for long distance calls. Free calls!

Q. Is it secure? Are my calls private?
A. Secure! Private! Your calls are handled with full respect to confidentiality. There are security measures to ensure that your calls are made in complete privacy.

Q. What language type do you offer on the Internet Relay?
A. The Sprint IP Relay allows us to make calls, in English, Spanish or French Creole.

Q. What is cool about Internet Relay?
A. With the Sprint IP Relay, you have the freedom to customize the look and feel of your call, with several options and capabilities:

  • Split-Screen
  • Language Preferences
  • Text Size
  • Text Color
  • Background Color
  • Dialing Instructions
  • Emotion Icons
  • Print and Save Option

Q. Can I make a Two-Line VCO call with Internet Relay?
A. Yes! You can make a Two-line VCO call. How does it work? Click on www.sprintip.com and you will be connected with a Sprint Relay agent. Ask the Sprint Relay agent to call to your second phone line. It must have a regular phone, with the three-way capability. Upon receiving the relay call on your second phone line, connect your outbound party. The Sprint Relay agent will type on your Internet browser screen, while your outbound party is speaking. Go ahead and try it out!

Q. What are the minimum requirements in accessing Internet Relay?
A. Here are the requirements in order to access the Sprint IP Relay.

  • Personal Computer/Laptop
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator
  • Online Hookup: Cable, DSL, Dial-Up


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